Gold Bird Gallery offers you what we believe to be one of the best collection of urban-art and contemporary artists under one roof available on the web today. Whether you’re a serious collector, or a first-time buyer just looking for an outstanding piece, we have something for you

All the artworks are in mint condition, unless stated otherwise, and stored archivally. For general info and inquires about works, please contact us at info@goldbirdgallery.com. 

We ship worldwide using insured DHL Worldwide Express, USPS Priority, or USPS Express. Prints are shipped in a tube. Shipments are generally made within two days from the purchase date.

International buyers, we will do our best to help you avoid, or at least minimize, import duties and taxes.

To ensure a long life of your prints, they should be framed and displayed under UV-glass or plexy to protect the image surface from the environment. The primary cause of image fading on most art materials is "visible light". Avoid hanging the artwork where it will be exposed to direct sunlight and in areas where there is high heat or high humidity.

Most prints are signed and numbered by the artist. In some cases a Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the artwork.

Lithograph: The result of a complex process involves using a combination of oil, fat, water, and acid to transfer—or "offset"—an image from a limestone sheet onto a metal plate and then eventually onto a piece of paper or other material.

Screen print: Used for the production of many multiples, this type of print involves pressing of ink through a stencil that is placed directly on a screen. The Pop artists, obsessed with the effects of mass reproduction on pop culture, favored screen printing, most notably in the case of Andy Warhol’s silkscreens, which he valued because they degraded their image slightly with each impression.

Giclée: Giclée is a term coined in 1991 to describe the highest-quality variety of digital print. These inkjet prints are created by electronic printers capable of creating works that are all but indistinguishable from hand-made art—making inkjet printing an popular technique for artists in the digital age.