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Giorgiko (pronounced jee-OR-jee-koh) is the product of a collaborative experiment between husband-and-wife duo Darren and Trisha Inouye.  Their work ranges from minimal character illustration to large-scale classical painting, with a sprinkling of Los Angeles street culture.  The Giorgiko universe began in 2012 with a simple story of a pink-haired girl and is now home to lost boys, wayfaring girls, and mysterious dogs.  Darren and Trisha’s work explores the stories of their wanderings and their dreams of being found again.

Darren and Trisha first met during orientation at their alma mater ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.  They sat next to each other in Design 1, and the rest is history.  Darren and Trisha reside in the greater Los Angeles area with their twin children.

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